Drummonds’ Fabulous Bath Collection With Fine Art Finishes

Drummonds have announced a design alliance with Costello & Welch the furniture makers, who are well-known for creating fine art finishes.

Drummonds’ cast iron bathtubs take a number of weeks to craft before finishing by hand to order.

They are foundry-cast and meticulously enameled using the conventional dry frit method.

Drummonds commissioned Costello & Welch to produce new finishes, and used their characteristic combination of design sensibility and technical know-how, to find outstanding new textures and special effects.

Sam Costello commented that creating the process for the finishes required he become “part artist, part alchemist”.

For instance, the Humber bath with Verdigris Aged bronze in our picture is accomplished by spraying copper solution over a coating of bronze powder combined with resin.

The chemical effect, which produces the Verdigris effect takes place gradually, giving exclusive results each time.

Creating exciting combinations between contemporary and classic shapes and finishes, these innovative effects are offered to special commission for all Drummonds’ freestanding bathtubs.

Drummonds’ baths are priced from £3210.

The four new finishes created by Costello & Welch solely for Drummonds include:

  • The Tamar having a ‘Gold Leaf’ finish.
  • The Usk has a textured ‘Concrete’ finish.
  • The Humber presents a ‘Verdigris Aged Bronze’ finish. (pictured)
  • The Tay has a ‘Red & Gold Bronze’ finish.

For more information and to view Drummomds’ baths with the new specialist finishes, go to the website.

Drummonds Tel:    (0148) 237202

Costello & Welch: http://www.costellowelch.com

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