BC Designs Launches New Baths In Cianstone

 BC Designs Launches New Baths In Cianstone BC Designs has introduced two new baths into their Thinn range.

The Kurvstone and Tassestone baths are made from a new material called Cianstone, which produces the look of natural stone and has the durability of a Cian solid surface bath.

Cian is a renewable, decorative surface material, which is created using an advanced blend of acrylic modified polyester resin and mineral fillers.

  • The use of Cianstone means that the new baths are repairable and have excellent water temperature retaining properties.
  • Created using the latest casting technology, the baths have a solid colour throughout.
  • They are 20-25mm thick and provide a maximum amount of internal bathing area due to the stylish, rimless design.

The Tassestone bath in our picture, measures: L1770mm x H555mm x W880mm and is priced at £3,324.

The Kurvstone, a larger model, measures L1890 x H560mm x W900mm and priced at £3,445.

Visit the BC Designs website  for more information on the new Cianstone baths.

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