Videospa TV Technology For The Bathroom Now At Bathstore.

Videospa TV technology from Bathstore.

The latest cutting edge technology can help your bathroom become an even more relaxing retreat, with the latest Videospa TV technology developed for the bathroom, now available at Bathstore, the leading UK bathroom retailer.

The new Bathstore catalogue presents a variety of opportunities, to create that desirable sanctuary with cutting edge technology.

Anyone interested in having the most recent must-have gadgets can relax, unwind and be entertained with a TV screen in any bathroom:

  • Speakers built into the bathroom ceiling, ensure an impressive sound experience, enabling bathers to surround themselves with entertainment while they soak.
  • A TV in the bathroom goes beyond relaxation; busy city workers can even catch up on the news while cleaning their teeth.
  • Offering the attraction of cartoons to help get the kids clean will make bath time more enjoyable for everyone.
  • It is completely safe with fully waterproof casing, an LED, high definition touch screen, waterproof handset and includes a frameless screen in three different finishes.
  • Priced at £999 in a choice of white or black.

Why not show off your wall hung bathroom TV to its full potential, by uniting it with sleek, minimalist, Euro wall hung sanitary-ware?

Bath time is your time. It’s not just about washing – your bathroom is a key living space, and time spent there should be enjoyed to the full.

For more information about Bathstore‘s new Videospa TV technology, product details and services please visit the website.

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