The Sunshower Deluxe Functions Like A Sun-Bed

 The Sunshower Deluxe Functions Like A Sun-Bed Boundary Bathrooms have introduced the innovative Sunshower Deluxe for the modern bathroom, which delivers a daily UV light boost to the user when showering.

Health specialists advocate that sunlight is good for the body, when used moderately and it assists the production of vitamin D, which helps the body’s immune system.

The Sunshower Deluxe functions in the same way as a sun-bed, but in a much lower dosage, to provide an all over tan and helps the body to produce vitamin D.

The Sunshower Deluxe is installed into the shower wall enclosed in chrome and has five low level lamps that can function together or individually, ensuring that every part of the body receives the desired amount of sunlight.

When used for a maximum of 20 minutes at a time, the Sunshower Deluxe is healthier and less stressful for the skin than direct sunlight, or using a sun-bed, and ensures that the user’s skin slowly adapts to the measured sunlight, to slowly give an all over tan.

It also offers benefits for people suffering with certain chronic skin conditions, such as eczema, psoriasis, sun allergy and vitiligo.

Product Features

  • Sunshower Deluxe single panel with chrome frame.
  • Five individually adjustable lamps.
  • Blue coloured filter in each lamp.
  • Height:1982mm, Width: 420mm, Depth: 200mm (Built-in depth).
  • Priced at £4,260 inc. VAT.

For more information about the Boundary Bathrooms’ Sunshower Deluxe, please visit the website.
Tel: (0800) 206 1680.

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