The New Efergy Showertime Water Saving Gadget

The New Efergy Showertime Water Saving Gadget The bathroom uses 40% of all of the water in the home, so the shower is the perfect place to begin saving water.

The Efergy Showertime doesn’t just time you in the shower, it actually monitors how much water you are using and shows this in numeric and graphical formats.

It comes with a measuring bag, which calculates by flow rate, how long your shower takes to use one litre of water; this is programmed into the memory and once set, you decide the maximum amount of water you want to use for each shower.

The Showertime will enable you to set targets for water usage and will sound an alarm when that target is reached; this could help to save 1000’s of litres of water each year and save money on metered water bills.

The monitor is great for comparing volumes of water used between family members and is an important tool in teaching children the importance of saving water. Priced at £8.99.

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