The Multishower Galant 6 L Pusle Eco Shower From Greenstamp

Greenstamp has introduced the Multishower Galant 6 L Pusle Eco Shower – an innovative shower-head that decreases the quantity of water the shower uses, while still providing a satisfying shower experience.

The Pulse Eco Shower works by producing an inaudible pulse 30-40 times a second, reducing water use by 40 -60%.

  • It has the equivalent effect of manually turning the water on and off 30 – 40 times a second, while maintaining the temperature, pressure and comfort of a normal shower, but utilizing the smallest quantity of water possible.
  • The head is also adjustable enabling you to select between strong jets, soft, large drops, or a massage jet that pulsates rapidly.
  • The Multishower consumes only 6 ltrs of water a minute, compared to a a gravity type shower using 8-9 ltrs a minute, or a power shower at 18-25 ltrs a minute.

It is simple to install, by unscrewing your current shower-head and replacing it with the Pusle Eco Shower head. Priced at £29.95.

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