Experience Holistic Showering With Crosswater’s Rio Revive

Rio Revive ShowerMost of us are able to see colour, but are you aware that you can also feel it?   – Light comes to us in many diverse frequencies and wavelengths that strike the retina, which interprets these unseen “vibrations” to your brain as a different colour.

Early Chinese, Greek and Egyptian civilizations, aware that very little grows devoid of light, speculated that the various colours that form visible light had separate ability, to influence our emotions and the structure of the body.

So today, many people acknowledge chromotherapy – the varying of coloured light, as a useful holistic healing system.

Now the chromotherapy experience can be enjoyed at home, with the introduction of the Rio Revive shower method from Crosswater, which rotates through 3 stimulating colours.

  • The system’s waterproof remote control can be wall mounted.
  • The 600mm shower-head is ultra-thin, to enable seamless recessing within the ceiling, for a definitive showering experience.
  • The flat panel shower head provides rainfall and double waterfall features and is intended only for use with high water pressure.
  • This shower must be fitted by an electrician, since it requires mains power, in conformity with IEE regulations.

Crosswater also offers a broad range of Italian made quality shower valves to control the Rio Revive.

The system is made to order and has a 10year guarantee.  Priced at £3710.00.

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