Light Up Your Bathroom With Pelipal’s LED Tone Colours


The design of today’s bathroom is changing, with the advent of LED lighting technology;
from just mirrors with fitted lighting, to shelves having novel motion sensor lighting choices.

Modern bathrooms are all about providing the maximum space for harmony and relaxation and the latest lighting ideas from Pelipal do just that.

Pelipal is well known for creating novel LED lighting products, with great functionality.

So what’s new?

Bathroom Mirrors with LEDplus, is an innovative new lighting system that includes adjustable colour temperature, which enables you to choose from 3 different tone colours: warm light, mixed or cool, on the touch of a button; so you can now enjoy the ideal light for a given task, from decorative to objective.

Bathroom lighting has fallen behind for a long time, making it an area that is now showing enormous consumer interest and desire.

Pictured here is The Balto range, which is part of Pelipal’s 2015 collection,

Also available is Pelipal bathrooms’ Tiva collection, which again presents the latest lighting concepts, to provide the ultimate space for harmony and relaxation.

For further information visit InHouse Inspired Room Design ( The company representing Pelipal in the United Kingdom.)

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