John Cullen Lighting Leads The Lighting Revolution

 John Cullen Lighting Leads The Lighting RevolutionJohn Cullen Lighting the leading lighting expert, designs, schemes and supplies cutting-edge products for everything from kitchens, drawing rooms and bathrooms, to swimming pools and gardens, creating the perfect atmosphere for the house and garden, including home automation.

Not since the arrival of the low voltage tungsten halogen in the early 80s, has there been such a revolution in consumer lighting. Improvements in LED technology, now make it suitable for the home.

At the forefront of this innovation, John Cullen offers a comprehensive range of LED products, all designed in-house and manufactured in the UK.

The latest LED fittings are compact, revolutionising opportunities for introducing lighting into joinery, stairs and gardens.

They offer a warmer colour of light, which can be controlled with manual dimmers as well as preset systems; with a 50,000 lamp life, regularly fitting new bulbs is a thing of the past.

Light your stairs and terrace, with the latest LED fittings using only 14w of LED, instead of the 260w of traditional tungsten halogen lamps.

The energy efficient shelving unit in the picture, is lit with the latest LED strip Contour with its excellent colour rendition:

  • Individual shelves are lit with 1w LED Eyelids at the top and LED Footlights at the bottom.
  • These shelves are now lit with only 120w using LED products against 1020w using low voltage fittings.

LEDs can also add interest to a kitchen scheme.

  • 1w LED Oslos to wash light under the island at low level.
  • 1w LED Eyelids light the work surface and sink.
  • At high level warm white energy efficient fluorescent strips provide a fresh boost of working daylight into the space.

John Cullen also offers an award winning design service.

Visit the John Cullen website to view the latest design effects and inspiration.

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